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Published:2012-10-09 16:43:46

Easy to use, easy to wear, easy to enjoy the battery and connected speech prompting Multiuse ™- while connected to a 2 Bluetooth ® device

Product characteristics
•is easy to use, easy to wear, easy to enjoy
Battery connection status, and voice prompt
• Multiuse™- while connected to a 2 Bluetooth ® device
• adopts A2DP technology, supporting high-quality music podcast, GPS, streaming media
•the Jabra Ultimate Comfort Eargels ™ technology and the ear hooks, comfort every day
Bluetooth®technology 3 edition, can be easily and securely paired
•for up to six hours of talk time and up to eight days of standby time
Product details

Driving, working or walking could speak freely
In the selection of your first Bluetooth™headset? Jabra EASYGO is your choice. It is a reasonable price allows you to enjoy all the convenience of hands-free calls. It is not complicated functions, installation is also very simple and quick.
Jabra EASYGO fashion and compact, its lightweight design can fully demonstrate your taste. DSP technology to make it have the high-fidelity sound quality, and automatic volume control lets you feel stable volume, even if the shuttle in quiet and noisy environments. It also has a voice prompt function, can tell you whether you need to charge or with mobile phone connection is disconnected. You can even Jabra EASYGO and two Bluetooth devices at the same time pairing. In the work, walking or driving in the use of. Each call to or from the Bluetooth device directly play any streaming media ( GPS, music and podcasts) to the headset can let you enjoy true handsfree experience. Jabra EASYGO is not only a high-quality headset, clear sound quality, fashionable design, it lets your mobile telephone becomes relaxed.

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