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Jabra GN 9120 wireless headset ( EOL)
Published:2012-10-09 14:42:27

Jabra GN 9120 wireless headset ( EOL)
Open and noisy office environment, the ideal noise reduction microphone to reduce background noise, ensure the clear sound, wireless work at distances of up to 150 meters, monaural or binaural type allowing user selection, support multiple headset telephone conference•provide safety protection, to ensure safety

Jabra GN 9120 series
GN 9120 wireless headset series, suitable for modern office professional work. Products using the new design, has rich function and characteristics, working distance, call a long time, the office staff can enjoy wireless freedom.
Its unique functions of conference call conference call that really moves up, content security, secrecy. Participants were not confined to the conference room, will not be handsfree speaker noise interference. Three boom allowed the user to choose. Provide different types of microphone, for quiet or noisy office environment. Binaural type products using noise canceling microphone boom.
Jabra GN 9120 is one can satisfy the demand of office professional wireless earphone. The revolutionary GN9120 with there is nothing comparable to this office within the moving range, long talk time and many innovative features and advantages, will be in the office place brings you completely wireless freedom.
Through the unique functions of conference call, you can move freely, without having to worry about the safety of the conference call will be meeting room restriction or by interference beginning speaker. In addition, the GN9120 also comes with different microphone three arm, to adapt to a more quiet or noisy office environment.
GN 9120 is a truly can be at a distance of 150 meters using base professional wireless headset. Beautiful shape, compact, talk time is longer, at the same time, to provide users with a variety of wearing method. GN 9120 has good comprehensive communication ability, and handsfree speaker, GN 9120 can make conference calls more quiet, more secure, confidential.
GN 9120 is a specialized for business users to design professional wireless headset, call duration can be up to 8 hours, and has super energy management functions ( SMP ). Using SMP, GN 9120 at a distance from the base of more recent times, consume less energy, and thus can effectively prolong the using time of the battery. GN 9120 uses 64 bits to encode the digital spread-spectrum technology, combined with SMP technology, users can provide high quality communication security.
As one can change the way of wearing the headset, GN 9120 provides two wearing methods: head clamp and SureFit® ear hook. GN 9120 Flex using a soft hanging arm with the noise canceling microphone program, suitable for all types of applications.
Important parameters
To provide a better than the current industry standard hearing protection ( less than 112dB)
·noise canceling microphone to reduce outgoing call background noise
The real wireless headset, the most advanced technology, the use of 2.4GHz band
64 coding, digital spread spectrum technology to ensure the confidentiality of call
The scope of work, 150 meters, 8 hours of work time
·lightweight design, weighing only 30 grams ( ear hook .)
Support for up to 4 only headset component of the conference mode

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