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The Jabra GO ™ 6430
Published:2012-10-09 14:44:28

The Jabra GO ™ 6430
Jabra GO 6430 UK/HK/SG/CN ( 6430-17-20-202 )·designed for field staff / business optimization design with 2 telephone multi-point connection: mobile phone and Internet telephony, included travel charger and USB Bluetooth adapter with Jabra IntelliPower technology, low power consumption

Jabra GO 6430 details:
Jabra GO? 6430 –support wireless mobile phone and PC soft phone;
By Jabra A330 USB Bluetooth adapter, Jabra BT530 USB can connect Bluetooth mobile phone and personal computer. The same headset can receive mobile phone and PC soft phone, can also listen to Internet radio and broadcast network music. Jabra A330 Bluetooth adapter designed for use in the office and in the mobile phone and the frequent use of professional development, the product is very convenient to use, plug-and-play, the driver does not need. Jabra A330 USB Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Bluetooth adapter to support Windows Vista, Skype Communicator and Microsoft compatible, Cisco? Office Communicator 2007 famous soft phone.
The Multiuse connection function, can be connected to the mobile telephone and network telephone
· USB Bluetooth adapter and travel charger
·wide band audio frequency ( 150 Hz –6800Hz )
·touch induction key volume / mute control
·Noise Blackout dual microphone noise cancellation systems (? )
· Jabra SafeTone technology comprehensive hearing protection
·the farthest distance 100 meters of wireless Bluetooth
· Jabra IntelliPower technology to minimize the energy consumption
Three kinds of way of wearing is very comfortable to use
And up to 6 hours of talk time
When you go out in the outside, hands-free communication situations are more important than any. When you pass through the airport terminal building, waiting for taxi and drove to the dating sites, you need to contact with business, hotel and office coordination. Jabra GO ( TM ) 6430 headset makes it easy. The headset Bluetooth solution provides a full function, the integration of mobile phone and notebook computer voice channel, you can for mobile office.
Audio quality incomparable - this Jabra headset used the most advanced audio technology, it will become your most loved using call tool. The NoiseBlackout ( TM ) dual microphone noise cancellation system using advanced " digital signal processing " technology, almost all can eliminate background noise. Even in the noisy environment, the other can hear your voice. To provide broadband audio effects can ensure to hear each other's voices ringing and sweet, and the SafeTone technology can protect your hearing.
Portability - travel during travel, as far as possible the use of the telephone network can save hotel telephone calls and roaming charges. However, if there is no headset, telephone network is almost not very good with, who would always chained themselves to a notebook computer? Jabra LINK ( TM ) 350 USB Bluetooth adapter so that you can through the wireless headset to use the main machine based on PC unified communications client software and network telephone user remote call control.
The headset also attached machine distribution a convenient travel charger. You can insert any power outlet and through a computer or a car adapter for earphone charging. Packaging box with USB Bluetooth adapter and headset storage space, therefore, picking up very easily!
Technical parameters:
Scope of work: 100 meters
Weight: 18 grams of earphone
Talk time: 6 hours
Standby time: 100 hours
Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.1
The way of wearing: ear hook type
Jabra A330 Bluetooth adapter
The Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 2
Bluetooth support: support for Bluetooth specification 1.1/1.2/2.0
Operating system: Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista system support
Support for Bluetooth protocol: audio gateway / headset protocol ( AG/HS )
Compatibility: with Bluetooth 1.1 ( or higher ) versions of other Bluetooth device compatibility
Bluetooth Bluetooth grade: Grade 1
Operating range: up to 100 meters
Paired devices: with 8 sets of equipment matching, through the point to point connection technology, at the same time in switching between 2 Bluetooth devices
Dimensions ( length x width x height) :52x19x9mm
Certification: Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, CE, FCC, IC, GOST, UkrSEPRO, eK, CCC, NCC, TELEC, AUS ACMA, NZ Radcomm, IDA, India, NOM, ANATEL

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