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Jabra GN 9330e
Published:2012-10-09 14:45:32

Jabra GN 9330e
The new Jabra GN9330e wireless office headset can improve work efficiency. Wearing the headset, users don't always sit at the desk, would be more relaxed, comfortable, efficient.

Fashion design light
Radio distance up to 120 metres, the user can move more
Wind noise is lower, voice more clearly
- ear pad material is soft and comfortable to wear, a variety of ways to meet personal preference
Advanced digital encryption technology, communication contents completely confidential
- a battery talk time up to 9 hours
1.8 Ghz DECT transmission system
63 mW transmission power
Jabra GN9330e wireless office headset voice clear, no high noise
Sound. New microphone boom by noise reduction technology to reduce wind noise. Even in the
A noisy environment, the other can hear your voice. Pass
Word time up to 9 hours, you can always calm talk, and most advanced
The design will make your business more fashion.
Never a headset such products using relaxed Shu
Fitness. Jabra GN9330e users can choose a different way of wearing
The ear pad material is soft and comfortable. The product not only with its comfortable, and electric
The connection is convenient. The control button is simple and intuitive, easy to operate
Headset weighs only 26 grams, wear without feeling.
Wireless work at distances up to 120 meters, the user can be in office environment for any
Local telephone. You can select standby battery is full of electric place
In the base. So, you don't even shutdown can replace the battery, therefore
Can a day of uninterrupted call. In conclusion, Jabra GN9330e ear all day
Wear comfortable, communication is very clear, the user can get rid of the traditional telephone bundle
Bind, enjoy the hands-free communication convenience and freedom.

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